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Engagement Ring Survey


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I just read this article, and it confirms what I was seeing with our engagement ring shoppers.


Today WomensWallStreet.com announced the results of its annual Engagement Ring Survey. And good news fellas: Thirty-nine percent (39%) of single women said they plan to pitch in for their ring (up from 28% in the 2005 survey). Not only are more women planning to chip in for their rings, but 64 percent of single women said they plan to help pick it out. After all, how else will they know it’s a perfect fit?


Today’s women are independent, successful and many are earning as much, or more, than their beaus. With that in mind, WomensWallStreet asked women if salary should determine who pays for the ring. Seventy-two percent (72%) of women said if they earn more money than their partner it’s absolutely okay to chip in for the ring. But surprisingly almost half (49%) of the women surveyed said it’s okay for a woman to chip in, even if she makes less!


Women today are speaking up in growing numbers when it comes to choosing the ring they’ll be wearing forever. But what of the women who didn’t speak up and left it to their beaus to pick out and pay for their rocks? One in four women admit the engagement ring they received was too small or not what they had envisioned. Try that on for size!

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