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Hrd Certified 1.52 Ct Emerald Cut Vvs2 I


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post-112671-1173826863_thumb.jpgpost-112671-1173826771_thumb.jpgpost-112671-1173826753_thumb.jpgpost-112671-1173826739_thumb.jpgpost-112671-1173826731_thumb.jpg Stunning 1.52 ct Emerald Cut Diamond and custom made white gold ring. This stone has never been worn, given away or even removed from it's original security case. It is HRD certified and remains in the validly intact CertiCard case from the Antwerp World Diamond Center ( http://www.hrd.be/index.php?id=6 ), so you can be certain that this is the stone that corresponds with the certificate. The stone has VVS2 clarity and I color. The ring is 100% hand made out of 18k white gold with two .15 point diamond baguets. The mounting brackets will be filed down during the mounting process so try to imagine them being a bit smaller. I'm asking for 6,500 for the Stone and the ring. Searches for similar gems yielded the following.


From Shane Co.



Shape Carat Price Color Clarity

Emerald Cut 1.66 $9,950 I VVS2

Emerald Cut 1.56 $10,685 I VVS1

Emerald Cut 1.35 $8,230 I VVS2


From Blue Nile



1.52 I VVS2 $8,254

1.50 I VVS2 $8,262

1.60 I VVS2 $8,431

1.51 I VVS2 $8,500

1.52 I VVS2 $9,019

1.61 I VVS2 $9,046

1.55 I VVS2 $9,191

1.66 I VVS2 $9,822


Now that I'm single I'm basically subsidizing this ring for you. It came from Antwerp, spent some time in my safe and now it's up for auction. If you're interested send me an email at obrienj@colorado.edu

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