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Gemprint used to have a handy public service that was useful in identifying particular stones at any of over a hundred Gemprint centers throughout North America and Europe but they changed their business model in 2006 and there is now only one place left where you can either register your stone or check a previously registered stone against the registration database. Any reasonable lab is prepared to offer the same service (matching a stone to a previous examination done in that lab) if you are willing to send it back to the lab for a new inspection so this additional step of Gemprint doesn’t really gain anything. The advantage Gemprint had was that it could be done while you wait and while you watch at convenient facilities but this service is no longer available.


As a tool for internal use at labs and dealers it still has a fair amount of merit but the manufacturer is no longer selling or supporting the hardware so this is likely to collapse soon as well. Pity, it was a good system. For consumers I see very little value in it any more. Some dealers, notably Blue Nile, sell stones where it's been done in advance and it doesn't really raise the price by much so I suppose it's not really a problem either. It's just become more of the packing materials that come with some diamonds and not with others.


Brian, the system involves shining a laser into the stone and capturing the reflection pattern. This pattern is unique to every stone. They offered a registration service where consumers could have their stones scanned and the image would be stored in an international database for later comparison.



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