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Shane Co Vs Tiffany's


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Hi All,


I am buying en engagement ring for the first time and I need some desperate help.


After looking at lots of jewellers, I found 2 diamonds that I liked


1. Shane Co (VVS1, .53ct, G color)


2. Tiffany's (IF, G color, .37ct)


I want as much clarity as possible and I am willing to sacrifice on the carat wt so the Tiffany;s diamond looks ideal. But they don't have the GIA certification for it. They say they don't get their diamonds GIA certified and they will only issue their own Tiffany's certificate. The Shane Co Diamond comes GIA certified.


So I am confused which one to choose? Can I trust Tiffany's? Why would they not have GIA certification?


Also, I noticed that Shane Co does not have ANY IF diamonds in the < .50 ct range while Tiffany had atleast 10 pieces that they found for me. When I asked the sales person at Shane, she said it is because Tiffany's grades theor diamonds more leniently than Shane and hence a IF at Tiffany can be a VVS1 somewhere else, but a VVS1 at Shane will be EQUAL OR BETTER anywhere else .. Am I being ripped off at Tiffany's then??


So I am confused on whom to trust. Please help ..




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I have a Shane Classic diamond and absolutely love it. It is a .53, E, VS1 diamond and I am delighted with it's performance and price.



My Fiancee would agree. Even with other "0" mark diamonds, her smaller Shane Classic still captures her eyes more then bigger, better graded diamonds. There is definitely something very unique about a shane classic.

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