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Leah At Union Diamond


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As with anyone who purchases an engagement ring online I was nervous about sending thousands of dollars to a company I had never seen on a piece of merchandise that I had never laid eyes on.


However, I did a lot of research and decided that Union Diamond was the way to go. While they are not quite the cheapest online jeweler their stellar reputation made the few extra dollars worthwhile. Their 30 day 100% money back guarantee gives peace of mind as well.


Leah at UD was especially helpful. She was extremely patient and answered dozens of questions that I had both on the phone and via e-mail. I had many questions and concerns regarding the apprearance of the center diamond and her assessment was spot on. Even a local jeweler here in town agreed after viewing the stone. I also had a lot of questions regarding using palladium as my precious metal. She not only educated me on the difference of platinum vs palladium vs white gold but eased my mind when I decided to use palladium.


FYI - My local jeweler said that he no longer sells princess cut diamonds at all because he simply cannot compete with the online stores such as UD. If that isn't testiment enough to buy your ring online then I don't know what is.


In short this experience was perfect. I feel much more comfortable talking to someone on the phone whenever I have a question than getting in my car and driving to one of those stuffy, pushy, sketchy brick and mortar stores. Buying a ring online - and especially from UD - was perfect for me.


So now let me tell you what I think of the actual ring. It is perfect. I went with a princess cut 1.01 carat, H, VS1 with a 0.65 carat palladium band and it is a sparkling beauty. The local jeweler remarked at how clean it was and that I had done "very well".


I cannot thank this site enough for the education that you have provided me. Because of you I was able to afford literally twice the ring that I would have gotten at a sketchy local chain store.


Union Diamond gets a huge endorsement from me. Thanks again and thank you Leah at UD.






Ring Photo at www.uniondiamond.com:PR_JEA1075PD.jpg

Actual Photo of My Ring (much better than this photo shows):ring1uu9.jpg

Diamond Grading Report of Center Stone:


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that's is like the one i like,so hopefully the price is around my budget!

thanks assassin much appreciated,by the i am going to be rude and askwhat price range would i be in for that kind of ring?

kind regard's



No, not rude at all.


You should be looking in the $4000 - $5000 price range. More if you choose to go with platinum instead of the palladium.

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