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Damage Due To Resizing? Advice Please?


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HI all,


My friend recently got enaged. Her fiance bought her this beautiful ring that is shown below. The only problem is that he had it sized to her finger which is a 4.5. Due to the design of the ring and the arch under the diamond, even though it was 4.5 on the sizing stick, its fit was quite a bit larger. She took the ring back to the jeweller and got it resized 1/4 size smaller. She got it back and it was still too big, especially being too wide. As well, when she got it back, she noticed that the bottom of the arch (portion against her finger) was ruined. They had polished the inside of the ring too much and had taken away the milgrain design. She took it back again to the jeweller and he said that he couldn't see the damage, but it was minor and could be fixed. He also suggested to have the ring resized again, now down to 3/4 of a size.


I am wondering if she should just return it and get a new setting?


Will all this resizing damage the structural integrity of the ring (squeezing the two sides together due to the design of the setting)?


Can they really repair the milgrain detail on the bottom of the arch that was polished away in a decent manner? It is polished to the point that the small diamonds are near the edge now. Can they really repair this no problem?


Thanks for the input.

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I see what you mean by it being a beautiful ring. It's a knockout to look at alright. But that arch that goes against the finger almost makes it impractical to wear. There's a big gap between the ring and her finger, that gap is the reason it's a 4.5 on the mandrel, but her finger fits loosely. You can tell her finger is settling a bit to the right whereas the mandrel has no give and settles evenly.


Her having small fingers makes the problem worse. Maybe if they were able to shorten the arch a bit they could size it better and there wouldn't be as big of a gap.


But I'm not telling you anything you don't know, maybe an expert has some advice on this?

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I can’t see the damage in the picture but based purely on your description, yes, it can be repaired fairly easily. It will depend on whether they need to add metal or just redo the millgrain. Sizing this ring may involve some setting and tightening work on some of the side stones but I see nothing about this ring that would suggest that it’s a serious structural problem from resizing.


Is she having this work done by the manufacturer or at least the same jeweler who sold it?



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