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Princess Cut Values


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I have been looking at a lot of princess cut loose stones online and have found many different table and depth values.


I wanted to know what numbers I should be trying to get close to.


I found this link which has some information but am not sure as it differs what a local jeweler has told me.




Any help is appreciated.


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Well from what I can tell from AGS 0 Princess cut diamonds you probably want about a 63% table, a 73% depth, and about a 39 degree angle for the pavillion.


Really, if you want a well cut Princess diamond that has a lot of brilliance, get one that has an AGS certificate. They are currently the only lab that grades Princess cuts. An AGS grade of 0 will be the best Princess cut diamond you can get. There are several places out there that sell them, but it will come at a price premium however because there are only so many of them out there. A diamond vendor will only submit their diamond to AGS for grading if they know it is exceptionally well cut.

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Shopping for princesses by the numbers is tricky at best. In many ways it’s a roll of the dice. The optics are far more involved than with round stones, which are more involved than people tend to think. Basically, you’re headed for trouble with your approach.


So what do you do?


#1 Shop for the dealer. Instead of trying to choose a stone from a list and guess which one will be prettiest, choose a dealer and then ask THEM which one is prettiest based on actually looking at it. If you don’t trust the dealer, move on, and keep moving on until you find one that seems to think the way you do and whose council you can believe.


#2 Pick one.


#3 For a lot of people, stop there, especially if you have had the opportunity see the stone in person and compare it to others in the jewelers showroom. For others, arrange to inspect the stone yourself and get it appraised by an appraiser that you’re inclined to trust. Shopping for an appraiser is very much the same general process as shopping for a dealer by the way.


If you just can’t stand to work that hard at it and you must choose from a list, look for an AGSL grading report that assigns a cut grade of zero to the stone. It's hard to go wrong with these and there's a decent chance that this is where the dealer in #1 would have ended up if your tastes are sort of like everybody else's anyway.


The chart you linked to was a popular appraising tool in the 80’s published by www.gemappraisers.com. The idea was to have a shared language for appraisers in describing things for insurance replacement purposes. It was useful for what it was but even the publishers concede that it’s an obsolete approach for most situations and it was never intended as a shopping tool to choose one over another without looking at it.



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I've seen plenty of AGS "Ideal" Princess Cut diamonds that are duds.


Buying solely by the "numbers" can be hazardous to your wallet.


There are many princess cuts out there with 'numbers' that differ from the AGS grading system that are beautiful.


A skilled cutter knows how to manipulate facet angles, facet size, and facet alignments so that the diamond will

face up beautifully in spite of the 'numbers'.

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