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Wanted: Single Diamond Stud


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Hello. I've been unable to find anywhere to purchase only one diamond stud.


I am looking for the following:


Anything better than VS2 clarity

Anything better than a very good cut

Anything better than I color

Anything at least .3 carat or so

Anything that is white gold or platinum set

Princess cut preferably

Something under $500 seated and shipped

GIA or similar certification


If as jewler has this available for me please let me know by replying here, PMing me, or emailing johnny@fusionlime.com . thank you so much! I can do paypal credit card etc...

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I'm sorry, but that's an insane amount to ask for for only $500. I have a very nice one, which I have listed the specs of below, for $825.00. If it tickles your fancy, let me know, but I will keep an eye out for you.




14K White gold


total item weight


















I - J




I1 - I2




6.3 mm






ring size


US-7 / EU-14.51





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I disagree about that being an unreasonable budget and the ring you’re offering as an alternative is wildly inappropriate for the item requested. A thirtysomething, GIA graded, VS2, I princess cut is a fairly easy buy in the $330-$400 range. A white gold stud setting to fit it won’t be over $50 from one of the aggressive vendors and the assembly labor shouldn’t be hard to find for $50 or less.


Cut of ‘very good’ is the only tricky part since the GIA cut grading scale doesn’t apply to princess cuts this becomes an issue of the dealer claim.


Go to the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ and search for offers that meet your specs. Ring up any one of the dealers who has something for sale that seems interesting to you and they should be happy to set it into an earring for you and stay well within your budget.



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