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Ebay Purchase Prior To Finding Www.diamond.info


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My Ebay purchase was a 1.14 pear shape, H color, SI3 clarity solitare. Eye clean, nothing visible to the naked eye. The only measurements I have are 8.5mm x 6mm. Seller's reviews were 99.9%, no negative BBB reports on the brick and mortor business, 7 day full refund return policy.


The ring is not certified, but I was given a "Store Appraisal". What is the bottom line when not having a certified diamond? I am not second guessing my purchase because the ring "looks" good, but after reading through the forum and turtorials, I am afraid to get another appraisal on this. Is the store appraisal worthless? The appraisal is for $6200, inflated I am sure. I paid $1400. In your opinion, do you think this was a $1400 lesson. Now I am wondering why the ring did not sell in the store.


Any comments?

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Whether an appraisal is worthless or not depends largely on what you have in mind doing with it and how much credibility you are inclined to place on the opinions of the author. It’s unlikely that a ring you purchased for $1400 on ebay could be sold by you or anyone else for $6200 so, if what you wanted to know is how much you could sell it for, it is unlikely to be helpful. Similarly, it’s unlikely that an insurance company would be willing to pay you $6200 in the case of a loss so it may be of marginal or even negative value for insurance purposes because it would result in higher premiums than are necessary for the coverage you receive.


Is your ring ‘worth’ what you paid? Quite possibly. You seem to be happy with it, which is the point. In many cases, merchants sell things on ebay for less than they or others would charge in other venues so it’s entirely possible you paid less than you would have elsewhere for similar merchandise.



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I have been thinking it over and have decided to try again! Would you be so kind as to give me your opinion on these numbers? According to my limited research, I believe the numbers to be pretty good. But, along with the rest, I need some reassurance. We are looking for the sparkle factor. I am still unsure if I would want Fluorescence or not?


1.065 CT, F color, VS2, Ex Pol, VG Sym, Fluor-Non, Cut (Premium?)

8.48 x 5.88 x 3.66 (ratio 1.441)

61.9 % depth 365 mm

crown angle 34.2

crown height 13.7

pavilion angle 41.2

pavilion depth 43.3

table 59.3 3.49mm

girdle thickness 4.9


Thank you



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