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Depth Percentage 61%


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I read cuellars book How to buy a diamond - which someone here described as filled with inaccuracies. Anyway, he says to automatically disqualify a round diamond if the depth percentage is greater than 61%. Is this really that important? There are tons of diamonds on the web over this "magic number."


As to the poster who said the book had many inaccurates - could you elaborate on some of the major ones.



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Take what he says with a large bag of salt.


Depth percentages can go much higher to 62.5 and still result in a beautiful diamond.


Don't take any one of these measurements in isolation. Diamond beauty results from all 58 facets working in harmony. Table, Crown, Pavillion facets and the 40 minor facts comprised of the stars, upper and lower girdle facets are critically important.


Three ingredients are necessary:


1. facet angle: If the facet angles are too steep or too shallow light leakage will occur.

2. facet size: facets cut too big or to small will result in light leaking out of the stone

3. facet alignment: all facets should be perfectly aligned and if they are will act as mirrors to the incoming light so that it becomes centralized and refracted up through the Table and Crown facets to your eye with great intensity and an ven distribution across the entire surface area of the diamond.


A skilled diamond cutter can compensate for one area of the diamond having 'numbers' that self proclaimed gurus and pundits will tell you are no good by altering another area of the stone so that the whole diamond will still yield visual beauty. You will know it when you see it.


Your gal will be wearing the diamond, not the lab grading report and your friends, relatives, and colleagues will see if the stone bling-blings and not the 'numbers' on the report.


Attached is a graphic showing the various facets that comprise the round brilliant shape. All of them critically affect a diamonds light performance.


Work with Jewlers and Diamond Vendors that truly know their stuff and are interested in you getting a quality



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