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What Kind Of Ring Can I Get For $30k - $35k?


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I came across your site while looking at rings for my girlfriend of over 4 years. I have a budget of about $35,000 to purchase a ring and I would like to get a good quality ring of at least 4.00 (total) carats. Will $35,000 cover the expense of a good quality ring of that size? I am particularly interested in 3 stone princess or emerald cut rings. Any information would be great.

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Good quality is a tad difficult to define but here’s how you work out a budget.


Most 3 stone designs involve 1 big diamond, 2 smaller diamonds, a mounting and some assembly labor. Even with platinum and some additional decorative diamonds $1000-$2000 usually will cover the budget for the mounting and the labor unless you decide on an elaborate type design with quit a bit more going on. $5000 will get you a very fancy piece by a well known designer. This leaves the 3 major diamonds for about $30-$33k.


A big center with 2 sides about half the size and a 4 carat total weight would be a 2 carat center and 1 carat each on the sides so lets start with that. Go to the top of the page and click on the link titled ‘find online jeweler’. Don’t worry if you have no intention of buying online, we’re just using this as a shopping tool. Search for princess cut, 2.0-2.1cts, VS2 clarity, F color. Those are pretty good specs but if you don’t understand what the terms mean, read the tutorial for some hints.


I see 10 pages of offers for sale ranging from $13k to $21k. Ignore the extremes and go for the higher end so figure a competitive Internet offer for this stone is going to be about $20k.


Repeat the same test with 1.0-1.1, VS2, F and you’ll find the budget hits at about $6k each. 20+6+6+2 = $34,000, right on budget!


Spend a bit of time playing with this and you’ll learn a fair amount about the pricing relationships between various diamonds. Try different size, clarity and color configurations. Try 3 stones the same size or drop the color to I for example. You’ll find that you can get a ring of your general specs from about $15k all the way up to about $60k depending on what you are willing to compromise on. You’ll notice that within a particular set of specs, there’s usually quite a few offers and they range in price by a factor of 2 or so from the most expensive to the least. This difference doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheaper one is a bargain although it might be. The difference generally is in the grading accuracy and in the cutting. That’s why I aimed you towards the high end offerings within each grouping.


If you’re shopping at a local store, they’re usually a little higher priced than these guys but there are some good reasons to shop in your home community anyway. This is one of the decisions you need to make in the shopping process. You can use the online offers to beat them up a bit on price, you can supply some or all of the diamonds through your own sources, or you can simply put up with slightly higher prices for the better service.



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