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Trusting Jewler With Repair


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I inheritated a beautiful diamond and had it cleaned and the white gold setting polished and sized at Ben Bridge jewelers. They did a "fingerprint" or map of my diamond before sending it to a second party to actually do the work to assure that the diamond we sent out was indeed the diamond that was returned.


I recently dropped my ring off again at a local, but trusted jeweler here in Alaska (no ben bridge here) and they sent it to second party without doing any mapping or detailed identification before sending off.


What is the industry standard for this. Should i be concerned? Should a mapping or fingerprint always be done before entrusting a diamond to a second party. I have the appraisal and all at home.



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Different jewelers use different take in procedures. Plotting stones at take-in and comparing when you pick up the piece can be slightly time consuming and many jewelers and customers feel that it’s not worth the time (and therefore money) for the benefits gained. In general, the risk of a jeweler stealing or damaging your stone during a repair is extremely low but I like to see this kind of documentation anyway. It protects both sides if a problem arises. Even so, the majority of jewelers still don’t do it although most will prepare some sort of a descriptive receipt. If you and enough other customers request it they may decide to change their policy but overall I wouldn't be too worried about it.



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As Neil says, it's actually failrly standard to not do a plot when taking in a diamond.. We actually tried it for a while, complete with setting up an LCD screen attached to our microscope so that you could see your stone maginified and plotted.. We stopped after a few months because people were complaining that it took to long to "just drop off" a ring for repair ;)


In the grand scheme of things, the odds of a jeweler stealing or swapping a diamond these days is pretty minimal, if it ever was an issue to begin with.. Most of us have far too much time and money wrapped up in our names to risk them over a few dollars that we might make by stealing..

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