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Suggestions On Engagement Setting


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I have been reading along with the posts for a few weeks as we started our search for an engagement ring and have finally decided to register and ask a question.


My girlfriend had her heart set on a cushion cut diamond from the beginning and we were able to find a great 1.5 cushion cut that is more of a rectangle than a square (7.7 x 6.2). Now we are looking for a setting.


The two that we are leaning towards are almost identical, one is from Tacori and the other from Coast Diamonds. Here is a link to the Tacori ring:




Can't find one from Coast but it is basically the same design (engraving, pinched band and pear side stones).


A quick search makes me think the Coast one might be better to avoid some of the Tacori problem experienced by others and it is a little cheaper.


In any case I was hoping for assistance with a few things:


1) Any suggestions of online retailers that sell Coast Diamonds settings?

2) If the best price I can find on the Coast would be around $4k would it be cheaper to try to get a custom ring with the same basic design?

3) Any other thoughts/opinions on either setting/design or retailers?




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