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Union Diamond Purchasing Experience + Online Buying Opinion


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It's been a long 3 weeks, so i thought I'd share my diamond buying experience since the info on this site was so helpful.


Yesterday I bought a 1.56 F VS2 ideal cut GIA cert'd diamond that scored 1.4 on HCA scale from Union Diamond - worked with Barbara Palumbo, and she was just fabulous in getting me all the information I requested. Also worked with me to get a platinum tiffany style setting after I emailed her a picture of what I was looking for (the one I wanted was pinched in the center).


I chose Union Diamond because I'm new to the online diamond buying world, and wanted to go with someone that had a reputation (Union Diamond is recognized by Forbes magazine as best online jewelry seller). I would have also bought from Blue Nile if they had the diamond I was looking for...both have 30 day guarantees, which works out great esp since the independent jewelry appraisers in my town turned out to be away for the upcoming week due to a diamond convention.


Another big advantage to buying online is that it gives you a tax break on the diamond, which is pretty significant esp if you're purchasing a larger stone.


Defiinitely educating yourself on diamond is a must, especially when buying online - but don't kid yourself, even if you go to your local jeweler, chances are you won't know the difference between two diamonds by just looking at it, even though they may be worth totally different amounts. I don't know how many local jewelers tried their flim flam routines on me when I was out looking at settings...absolutely treacherous. This site is a great resource for education.


Lastly, think about the setting, esp if you're planning on getting insurance for your diamond. Not many ins. companies out there insure loose diamonds...


Hope this is helpful for all you future diamond purchasers!

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