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Review: Padis Gems, Steve Padis Sf Jewelery Mart


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Purchase at Padis Gems: 12/4/06 Bought a 2.25c Oval Pink sapphire, with an EGL cert and paid $1900.00

also purchased a Lucida-type 3 stone setting in platinum, to mount the sapphire with my own 0.75/0.76 SI2 H RB sides. Total cost: $2950


Customer Service: Initially, a young man was helping me at Steve Padis and told me he can only show me one sapphire at a time. How do you compare something doing that, I asked. He found someone else to help me and she now is able to take some stones out for comparison. Overall, the rep that helped me was nice, pleasant and helpful.


Delivery time: Time to completion for setting to delivery was about 3 weeks. The ring was delivered on the date it was promised.


Setting: The bench at Steve Padis was disappointing. The sapphire was not set level and one side was higher than the other. The side which was higher can be seen with the naked eye that only the top of the prong was holding the stone on one side. The prongs show pitting on the metal, not impressive at all.


Call back: I came back to have the ring fixed and the rep was very nice and accomodating. She said that the stone uneven so this is why. I left my ring for another week and half for the bench to fix the prong.


Pick-up: The bench at Steve Pads was very disappointing. The sapphire prongs are straight (looks a lot better!) but the rest of the metal work needs to be improved. There was pitting on the sapphire and lucida-type prongs where the repair was done was not even polished. Looks bad, really.


Hate to be the difficult customer and decided to just go with it.


Final review: I tried to find a local B&M to have a relationship with and it bites you on the ass. Hate to have to learn by experience like this- expensively.

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