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Diamond Pricing


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I havent purchased a diamond for several years but I recall the dealer using the Rappaport Sheet in order to give an idea of pricing. I havent noticed anyone mentioning the Rap Sheet on the various web forums. Is it not used anymore? If its still around, is it useful for stone comparison? Thanks, Dean

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Hi Dean,


Yes, the Rap list still exists and jewelers still try to use it as a selling tool to demonstrate that you are getting a good price. It’s even more of a trap now than it was 10 years ago because so many people are trying to buy diamonds based on a few of the stats off the grading report without actually looking at the stone. A stone with a Rap price of $5000 might reasonably sell for $7000, or it might only be worth $2000 depending on details that aren’t included in the matrix. It’s useful for what it is and most serious diamond dealers subscribe to it but as a consumer tool it causes more harm than good. You’ll get better comparison information if you shop the online databases for actual offers of actual stones, a procedure that wasn’t readily available 10 years ago.


You can read about or subscribe to the Rap sheet there:




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