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Help In Deciding On Stone


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I have decided to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I have been doing my research for the past couple weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about diamonds and appreciate all of the great info on this site and others. I now find myself noticing diamonds more when I see people. Anyways, I have finally begun to narrow my choices but I have a couple questions left.


The first is, in your opinion would there be a noticable difference in an AGS 0, D-color, VVS2 vs an AGS 0, D-color, VS2, with these 2 diamonds being the examples? (My reasoning being that there is a significant price difference).






The second question, as you can see, I've decided to buy my diamond from Blue Nile, in your opinion, would there be a noticable difference between these two diamonds:






Would the price difference be accounted for by the better color rating and extra GCAL cert. Also, anyone familiar with BN's 'Signature Ideal' cut vs their 'Ideal' cut. Sorry for the long post and thank you so much for any help you can offer.


- Jim

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There is not a visible difference between a correctly graded D/VVS2 and a correctly graded D/VS2 when viewed with the naked eye, at least not due to the clarity question. I can see the difference between an unmounted D, an E and an F but most people have difficulty especially if they don't have a comparison diamond to use. In a setting it's extremely difficult. On a finger it's out of the question.


All AGS-0’s do not look the same but it’s a good place to start in choosing a diamond with good possibilities.


The GCAL examination adds nothing of value in my opinion.


Whether BN is worth the premium depends on what you value. They are a large and stable company, it’s convenient and easy to shop with them, you can be confident that they will ship you the correct stone for the agreed price and, if you are unhappy, they will honor their entirely reasonable return policy. Buying the ‘signature’ series reduces the chances that you will decide to make a return, which can be logistically a pain in the neck (Note: It doesn’t reduce this to zero). These are all terrific reasons to shop there but you still need to look at the stone and it’s still advisable to have it checked out by a pro who’s working for you instead of for them.



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Personally, I don't find a D worth the premium but some do. If you're going to spend that kind of money, I'd go with a larger size. But that's my "girl opinion". I think once they are set they look plenty white enough. I actually like the depth of flashes of light the lower colors produce.


I'd have no problem with a J or even a K. But I think if you are buying sight unseen and you want to avoid all the exchange stuff, it might be worth the thousands extra. I don't know about "the signature ideal" or even "ideal". I still don't know how they can say that given the fact they've never set eyes on the actual diamond. Who says it's ideal? But then I could never buy without a photo to be honest. A well cut diamond will look lots whiter but I can't tell from numbers.


There are dealers on this board who sell a one carat round and you could a great diamond plus an evaluation from a professional and a photo. Barry at Supercert offers just such a service and John from Whiteflash. And if you're going to spend that kind of money, I'd go with a supercert diamond or a diamond with a trade up policy that comes with it. And that's advice from a competitor.

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Hi Everybody!

Jim, I am strongly against the use of titles such as "Signature Ideal"


I also do not feel AGS's old cut grade to be at all in line with reality.

Events of the past few years have vindicated my opinion.

Before 2006, AGS was the only serious lab to offer a cut grade.

There are only 2 serious labs- GIA, and AGS.


So, AGS was the only one with a cut grade, jewelers who were offering AGS "triple Zero" diamonds were charging a heft premium for those diamonds.


I have always felt that a smaller table ( 56-58%) looked like it was choking the light- it looks nice, but I never thought such cuts were "better" or worth more.


In 2006 GIA's cut grade vindicated me.

The top cut grade includes AGS "Triple Zero" but it also includes my favorite 60/60.

Now, a really well cut 60/60 with a GIA cut grade of "EX" is worth as much as an AGS triple Zero.



There are still sellers that make up names for their diamonds, so that they can charge more. Is a "Signature Ideal" better than a diamond I'd call very well cut. No.


Is it worth it to pay more for someones idea if "Signature Ideal"?......Well, it's your money.


Since we are having an open discussion here: I am curious why you'd be sold on buying from a company with no diamonds on hand- and no photos to show you what you're getting.


Clicking on the links to see stats and measurements does NOT give enough info to make an informed decision.

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