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Last summer I received a beautiful engagement ring -- an emerald cut diamond (about 2 carats, D, VVS1 with GIA cert) with tapered baguettes. For those of you familiar with it, the setting is very similar to Tiffany's setting of this engagement ring.


Now I'm trying to select a wedding band. I don't necessarily want diamonds; given how beautiful my engagement ring is, I'm seriously considering a plain platinum band (maybe with a milgrain edge). I'm open for discussion on that topic. But I do want them to sit nicely together.


Do any of you have ideas? Have any of you addressed this issue?



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Sure. People go through this issue every day.


A photo or two would be really helpful. Your choices will vary quite a bit depending on the details of construction of the ring. Have you spoken to a custom jeweler about the possibility of making something that fits against your existing ring?


Do you know who made the ring that you have?



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A photo would be helpful. But I'm with you. Your ring sounds gorgeous and after trying 2 million bands, I went with an antique platinum band, 1.75mm. I love it. Diamonds in the band detracted, I had a milligrain and that really did not add anything. I tried one with baguettes, bought and returned one with baguettes. The plain one let the star of the show shine. You have a gorgeous classic diamond ring. Keep the band classic.


By the way, I , too have an emerald cut diamond with em cut side stones. And I am affiliated with diamonds by lauren. So I really could see and get anything and still ended up liking the plain band.

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I don't actually have pictures, but the setting is virtually identical to tiffany's emerald cut engagement ring with tapered baguettes, found here: http://www.tiffany.com/expertise/engagemen...ring=baguettes#



Wedding rings that work with that would probably work.


The ring was set by a family friend, so we'll be going back to him for the wedding rings. I'm just trying to get a good idea of what I want, from experts in the field!


Thanks for your help.



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