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Diamond Feather?


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I have the opportunity to purchase a diamond online. The price is great and this diamond is just for "fun". I already have a beautiful wedding ring and some other great pieces. I am looking for BIG now and am willing to sacrifice clarity for size.


So...back to the diamond......It is a no risk deal and I can return it after a 30 day inspection with 100% money back guarantee. The description is marked as a a 3ct round. Graded I1- F in color. The ring is described as having great sparkle..but not 100% clean. (hence the I1 grade). No carbon at all but it does have "feathers" seen from underneath and a few seen from the top but they say the sparkle overweighs the feathers that are within the diamond.


So.....I am wondering?? Is this an accurate claim? Can the sparkle of a diamond out weigh visible feather inclusions? I thought visible feather inclusions make the diamond cloudy looking? Is this incorrect? I need some advice from the experts?



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Hi diamondgal,


I don't think that anyone can accurately answer your question without seeing the diamond? Have you seen the stone or at least seen images both under magnfication and a less magnfied face shot? Is the vendor willing to provide those images?


I1 clarity stones can still have outstanding brilliance and fire, but has the vendor provided you any information to back up that claim or just simply told you so?


I think what is more important to consider with an I1 clarity stone consisting mainly of feathers as clarity characteristics is, are the feathers large enough to risk the integrity of the stone?

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Good advice from Megan.


Obviously there no way to answer if that’s an accurate description without seeing the stone. Pay attention to who called it I-1/F. The difference between that and an I-2/G is substantial and there is strong incentive for a bit of grade inflation here.


I would NEVER recommend buying an I-1 without including an inspection by an independent pro. Even if the stone is 'certified'. Some I-1’s are pretty nice and some are butt ugly. Ugly comes at an attractive discount but this may not be a tradeoff you’re willing to make and an experienced set of eyes can be very helpful in deciding what you are, and aren’t, getting for your money.



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Are any of the feathers on your diamond close to or breaking the surface plane?


Any cavities or indentations on or near the girdle areas?


Do you see any rainbow colored inclusions with black carbon centers near the girdle areas?


These are seen in I-1 and lower clarities and affect the structural integrity of the stone.

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