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Unity Setting


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what is a unity ring? is it like a wedding set just the engagement ring and the wedding ring are one? can you help me?




One interpretation of a unity ring is, as you describe, one ring incorprating aspects seen in e-rings and wedding bands. Another type of unity ring (aka a 'puzzle ring') is two rings that can be worn separately, but fit together like a puzzle to make a single ring.


The concept of separable rings dates back to the Renaissance and the gimmel: The choice of the diamond to symbolize eternal devotion was engendered by affluent people, but the only known diamonds came from India, and the common man didn’t have access to such wealth. The gimmel, made of interlocking rings joined by a pivot to slide together into one, was often exchanged between lovers about to separate for long periods of time. The fede, or faith ring, was a gimmel with the hoops ending in clasped hands. This style is still seen in modern claddegh rings.

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