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A Diamond Mystery???? (or Do I Watch Too Much Tv?)

Jill Mack

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There is a situation involving a diamond contest in my community that is "questionable" and I'd like to hear some opinions on it, if I could.


The event was a fundraiser that involved a large jar full of cz's and included one genuine diamond thrown in the mix, donated by a local jewler. People paid to have their chance at dipping for the diamond and then were to take their stone down to the jewler to have it tested to see if they got the diamond.


In this situation, a lady that paid for 20 "dips" had all of her stones tested at the jewler and they all showed up as a cz. A few weeks later no one had yet claimed the diamond (although they announced that someone had in fact picked it out during the diamond dipping), so this person apparently took her "cz's" back to the jewler to have them re-tested and lo and behold, she did have the diamond after all.


So my question is: Is it possible for a jewler to test a genuine diamond and it only test as a diamond 'sometimes'? (Could a jewler mistake a diamond for a cz?)

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Separating diamond from CZ isn't especially difficult but there's always the possibility that the jeweler, or one of their employees, was either an idiot or simply screwed up. Everybody makes mistakes after all.


I've participated in this kind of promotion more than once and when the contest is over, it''s sort of a problem to quickly separate the diamond from hundreds of CZ's without needing to inspect each stone individually. Anyone care to guess how to do it?



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