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Aussie Newbie Buying Online


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Hello everyone! I am newbie from Brisbane Australia. I have recently become engaged and my fiancé and I have been researching engagement rings online. Wow what a steep learning curve, but it has been enjoyable.



Of course I am after some advice. I have read many posts here and have come up with the following plan for purchasing online. I would like your opinions if you wouldn’t mind and any advice or recommendations you have.



I am looking for a platinum solitaire ring, 0.4 to 0.5 round brilliant stone. My priorities are cut first, then clarity (VS1?) and colour (F, G?) equal second. My budget is roughly AUD 3500.



I would like to buy online in Australia and have found www.diamondexchange.com.au , www.centuriondiamonds.com.au and www.delphidiamonds.com.au . Has anyone had experiences with these businesses? If anyone knows of other reputable Australian online traders who can supply the diamond and ring I’d love to check them out.



From what I have read online I have a checklist.


  • I need to make sure the diamond comes with a recognised certificate ?#8220; GIA or DCLA.

  • For an Australian company I need to check their ABN or ACN number.

  • They need to offer a 30 day return policy.

  • I need to read the ‘fineprint’ on their sites.

  • If possible I should view the diamond before hand. This will be hard when I am buying online and when I wouldn’t really know what to look for anyway.


We have been to a couple of local B&M jewellers and know roughly what style of ring we want. But this is the part of the process I know little about. I want to buy the ring online - local B&M jewellers cannot match the online prices of platinum rings ?#8220; but it is hard to imagine what an online picture of a ring would look like in reality.



Any help I can get would be much appreciated.

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