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Vintage/antique Rings


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***Edit - the thread topic is misleading. I am actually looking to buy a NEW ring with a vintage/antique look a la Tacori or similar brand. A superb custom ring would be great as well. And because the diamond prices that I have been encountering at B&M stores have been way overpriced, I've decided to try online.***



Greetings, I just stumbled upon this webiste tonight while blindly searching for engagement ring advice. 4 hours later, I feel greatly better informed yet regretful at not having found this site earlier. My main question concerns the band and setting for the ring - my fiance is very partial to vintage/antique bands, particularly the engraved look on the bands and side-accents for the diamond. Tacori is my first choice, but all of their bands go completely around the band (called eternity?) so I've heard that its impossible to maintain the perfect look if there arises a need to resize in the future. It also wouldn't hurt to save some money either since Tacori is quite expensive. So basically -


1. Are there any Tacori alternatives? Or can I ask Tacori to customize my ring so that the design allows room for future resizing?

2. How much would a custom made Tacori look-alike cost? Enough so that I should just buy the original?

3. Are there any online retailers selling Tacori rings? So far, I've only been able to find them as B&M's.


Thanks for the help.



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There are lots of manufacturers who share design elements to Tacori so it depends on what exactly you are looking for. Most dealers, both online and on the street can get something similar and most custom jewelers who work with CAD software can custom make this sort of work. It’s worth noting that these are generally all new production, not vintage/antique pieces as mentioned in the headline.


Look at the websites of some of the dealers who are regular participants here. As you read the posts, you’ll notice links at the bottom of each dealers message like where mine says ‘professional appraisals in Denver’. Click through and look at their sites. They don’t all sell the same things but some are very much in the business of selling custom and semi-custom manufactured jewelry.


There are lots of Tacori authorized dealers and they have a lookup system on their site at www.tacori.com. Quite a few of them do online business but they are very protective of their brand and significant discounts are not generally available on current designs from that particular maker although they may be able to get you some savings on other parts (like the diamond), on discontinued designs or offer alternative brands. Try a Google search or just ask your favorite online jeweler about it.


Most wedding rings have a space at the bottom center for the purpose of future sizing. You're correct that sizing 'eternity' style designs can be a pain and a little expensive. Nothing is impossible.



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Tacori is a brand name so it is pricier because of that. We do not carry Tacori and we rarely make any ring an anniversary style due to the sizing issue you presented. When we do, we put in a sizing bar so that it can at least be sized one or 1.5 sizes up or down. We do not make "trendy" antique style rings. I know that sounds paradoxical but there are some trendy antique style rings out there and we strive for classic antique style but we don't want our rings to look like "they are trying to hard" to be antiques.


Key words for Antique stye are: antique style semi, halo setting, micro set semi mounts


This is a 2+ carat ring, a cushion cut that was actually cut in the antique style therefore screamed for an antique style setting.




I would recommend that where ever you buy, it's best to get setting and diamond at the same place. That way there is someone responsible for the end product and a guarantee. Look for someone with a trade up policy.


There are antique style semi mounts that are as "castings" or as "custom". We happen to carry both.


A casting will save you some $$, but you have to find a diamond that fits the casting in many cases. If it has engraving it's cast engraving and not hand engraving. This is not a bad thing, it just looks good on some and awful on others. We tend to be exceptionally particular when choosing castings.


Below is an example of a casting, a pretty darn good one that looks like a custom setting. This one was made with a yellow heart diamond but there are several styles of this casting that suit other diamond shapes and it can be made with a white diamond.




Another example of a casting is below




A custom setting is made for your center diamond. There are many styles to choose from for reference but the one you'd have made is custom. You can get these as three stone rings or as solitaires.


Below is a custom made pink princess cut in a split shank micro setting.




An example of hand engraving is below. It is an art and when you do a custom ring, engraving can be added to most rings. You must consider that it takes time to do this intricate detail and can take 3-6 weeks depending on the time of year. I think (if I remember correctly) that it's about $900 for custom hand engraving. It might be a few hundred more or less.




Hope that helps. I can post links to our diamond gallery of rings we've made in the past if it will help.

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Thank you Denverappraiser and WebGal for the information. Are there any sellers (yourselves included) that you would recommend for a custom job for a ring similar to this one? And yes, I'd prefer to buy a diamond from the seller as well although I'd also be fine with a diamond from Union or James Allen or another reputable online retailer. Furthermore, it would be nice if matching wedding bands could be possible later.


Specs - Ladies Engraved 3 Stone Engagement Ring with 2 Pear Shaped Side Diamonds Diamond .30cttw (Center Stone not Included)


Tacori dealer price - $2795


Ideally, I'd prefer trillion accents with a 1.25 brilliant round diamond (price for diamond about - $7000-8000 although maybe a bit more if the ring itself isn't as expensive). For a .30cttw ring, would 1.25 carats be too big and completely overwhelm the side stones?





By the way, am I posting something like this in the wrong section? Thanks.

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You are not posting in the wrong section.


I am enormously biased and I think we (Diamonds by Lauren) do the best custom work in the business and offer a great price for it. I also think we choose the most beautiful diamonds.


So as far as recommendations, I'd hardly be an unbiased consumer! We'll let others post their views. While the dealers you mentioned are reputable, I simply would not buy a diamond from a drop shipper who has never seen the stone and really doesn't have a passion for diamonds. But I am enormously particular in what I love about a diamond and I wouldn't buy sight unseen. I will not hold your pet hostage if you feel differently. Promise.


Attached is a photo of a diamond with pear side stones. This one is not engraved. I would bet that there is a nice casting for that style, though. By the way, it's got a chameleon diamond in the center but you get the idea. It can be made with a white. But I do like the combo of round and pear sides.


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The pears were a close second in my preferences for the accent stone - trillion's were the only accent stones that she expressly mentioned. The engravings are the key to the look of the ring in my previously posted picture - so far I've only seen Tacori rings with such nice engravings but all the "real" stores with Tacori bands have highly overpriced diamonds (about $2000 more than online). Therefore, I'd like to find either an online Tacori engagement ring (and diamond) seller or get a custom made ring that looks as nice (and vintage) as the Tacori rings.


Another vintage ring - this one with a unique design and interspersed diamonds - that she really liked even without accents. A couple jewelry stores have told me that it would be quite a challenge to make. I think a ring like this would be amazing. Can someone do this in platinum? :)



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I’m reasonably close to unbiased and I’m not a seller but I don’t recommend particular dealers because of the obvious conflict of interest that includes.


Making this sort of thing is relatively labor intensive and custom work using US labor will, pretty much by definition, cost you more than stock pieces. Most online diamond dealers, including the two you mentioned, are prepared to sell rings and, if you don’t see what you like in their catalogs, ring them up and discuss it. I 100% agree with Webgal that choosing a dealer with a passion for the product will go a long way towards getting something that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.



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Neil is right about the labor. If you choose something too intricate the setting can cost more than the labor.


The setting you posted is a casting, not a custom-made setting but I don't where it exists. You can usually order these settings in the metal of your choice. The one you posted is a copy of an antique ring from the 1920s art deco period if memory serves. I know the original ring that inspired the design. In the original design, the marquise shaped metal part that touches the round were marquise diamonds and the ring had the look of a flower.


Tacori sets their own diamonds. It may be supplied by the broker or jeweler and the setting sold through that dealer but it's set at the tacori factory. I think it usually takes about six weeks or so.


I've sent you a PM of two dealers that might suit what you're looking for. I will not post them publicly because I do not think there is anyone more fantastic than us. But I think you are looking for a style that is more in keeping with the dealer I have in mind--the first one mentioned in particular. Check your mail on this site for the message. It's up in the right hand corner of the page messages.

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