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Looking To Purchase This Week - Is This Price "reasonable"?


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Hello, first post here!


Well, I've finally gotten to the point where I'm ready to buy the rock. I saw this stone in person yesterday and I am thinking about putting a deposit down this week. The jeweler was very professional and spent 90 minutes educating me and showing me about 6-7 different stones in my price range.


Is this price "reasonable"? BTW, I'm planning to use a platinum setting. I was concerned about the I color in the platinum setting, but I couldn't notice the tint. The J color was another story though!


GIA cert

Shape: Princess

1.70 ct

Color: I

Clarity: SI1

Depth: 74

Table: 73

Girdle: Slightly thick to thick

Polish: VG

Symm: G

Price: 8000


I looked at this stone under a 10x lense and saw the slight inclusions. Even after knowing where the inclusions were, I still could not see them with the naked eye. Is this price reasonable? It seems to be, based on the princess pricing tables that I have seen.


There were also two more stones that I was considering. One is a 1.55 ct with a shallower depth, so it looked only slightly smaller than the 1.70 ct stone with the larger depth. Details below:


GIA cert

Princess shape

1.55 ct



69 depth

71 table

VG polish

G symmetry

Price: 7500


GIA cert

Princess shape

1.81 ct



74 depth

77 table

VG polish

G symmetry

Price: 9200


Any comments or advice? Thank you very much!


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Did you see the other two in person? The reason I ask is that no all princess cuts are created equal. I mean if they are not as well cut, then they are not worth it. A list of numbers won't tell you that. It looks like a reasonable price from what I know. But I don't have a price list. Someone who does will log in and let you know for sure.


I like that you saw the first one and that it sounds like the salesperson took quite a bit of time with you. Not many jewelers have 6 or 7 stones in a price range. As long as he did not hard sell with marketing terms like A++ premium cut. Take a look at it near a window.


A well cut J looks quite white by the way. I think the H or I is plenty white in platinum.


All I can tell you from the numbers is that the last one with a 77% table is probably not going to be a winner. I don't tend to like tables this large on any cut.

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Thank you very much for your advice. I will ask him to show me the stones out in the showroom, away from the lights (I saw the stones in his back office) I did see the other two as well (same jeweler) and I am torn between the 1.55 and 1.70.


I did see one J-color and I was easily able to notice the tint when it was side-by-side with the I color. But I could oot tell the difference between the I and the H.

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It's not always that easy to tell a J from an I or H. It depends on the cut and the shape. But if it looked good in the back room then that's a good start with lighting that is not optimal. By a window is the next step.


I would bet there is not much difference in size between the 1.55 and the 1.88 you have listed here. Given that, I don't know for sure, but I think I would go for the 1.55, given my preference for a smaller table and great polish. And given the fact that you've seen these and they stand out. The price seems reasonable, particularly from a store. (Again, given what I know and without a price list.) But honestly, if you loved them both that neither one can be wrong.


Here's my J, below. And don't think for one split second that I am the least bit offended. I love J diamonds. I love them more than D diamonds, most of the time. The flash backs add some interesting depth and I think it has a lot to do with my first love, antique diamonds since my grandmother had a lot of jewelry made and all were of lower color diamonds, typical of that period.


Let us know what you decide. I don't think she's going to be displeased.


Oh, and make sure you get the setting in the same place as the diamond. It's a bad idea to try and price shop the setting. People that go this route often find themselves very unhappy with the end product and no one that will take final responsibility for the final product. This will often negate a trade up, refund or exchange policy. Also this guy is going to be very helpful in choosing a setting for this diamond if he's been this helpful so far. And he has earned the right to do the whole job and produce for you a beautiful ring.


Here is our princess ring gallery to get you started. You might just want a nice solitaire but these are ideas just in case. I love a princess in a Lucida setting, that is PRIN-11 (it's a yellow princess in yellow gold, but you get the idea)


Princess cut diamond ring gallery


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I put a deposit down yesterday! I ended up going with the 1.70 ct I-SI1. I took all three diamonds out into the showroom towards the window. They were all H or I colors, so I couldn't really tell the difference. The brilliance of the stones also were very similiar (I'm sured a trained professional could have spotted some differences, but I sure couldn't). So with similar colors and brilliances, it basically came down to whether or not the slightly bigger size of the 1.81 ct over the 1.70 ct was worth the extra $1200. I decided it was not.


I chose a platinum setting similar to your Prin-14. It has two smaller princess stones on either side, with 5 little baggettes (not sure if that's the correct term or not) on either side next to the smaller princess stones. It looks very nice! Total cost of the ring was $9200, in case anybody was wondering.


Now, all that is left is to pick up the ring, and build up the courage to talk to her dad and try to surprise her on our upcoming cruise!


BTW, your ring is beautiful. I see what you mean about the well-cut J's looking nice. The J that I saw was a 1.80 ct and was only $5500, so that tells me there were probably several things undesireable about the stone, aside from the color.

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The J that I saw was a 1.80 ct and was only $5500, so that tells me there were probably several things undesireable about the stone, aside from the color.


You are right about this. You have been a very good diamond student. And I can not usually tell face up the difference between an H and an I. But good for you for taking it to the window to check it out and compare.


It sounds like a fabulous ring. Please post photos in this thread and let us know how it goes. And this dealer sounds just like the kind of person you'd want to establish a relationship with. She'll be floored and the price for such a ring is very reasonable. A good experience all around it sounds like to me. Now all we have to hear is YES from the potential bride.

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OK, here's the ring! I am very pleased with how it turned out.


I am amazed at how the type of lighting affects the diamond. I saw it in direct sunlight yesterday, and it sparkled like crazy. It's overcast today, and when I took it near the window (where I took the pictures) I cannot see any "fire" at all. But if I take it into one of our bedrooms, where the light is much dimmer, it appears to have more sparkle and fire than when it was in the direct sunlight! I find this very interesting.


Thank you very much for all your help during this process! This website has been invaluable as far as educating me on diamonds.









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