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Ideal Length/width Ratio For Marquise


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Nope. It depends on what shape you like, particularly with the fancy shapes. You'll be able to tell what you like or don't like with,....get this, your eyes! Really.


Each of the ones below is a beautifully cut diamond because our owner has seen upwards of hundreds of thousands (maybe more) and he simply knows them when he sees them. He sure rejects enough of them. But as you can see one is more fat and full, the other long and svelte. But neither is too much of any one thing, it's just preference. You may find guidelines but for fancy shapes, I would encourage you to laugh at anything published on "ideal" for a marquise.



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I'm tall and thin, but I love the short fat diamonds a lot. I have a fat emerald cut and I love the squatty pears, like the one below. Of course this is a pink diamond and I would want a pink no matter what the shape but I love the squatty look of it.




So now you have it narrowed down to a shape you're looking for. That's important with the fancy shapes. It's also something difficult to discern from a list of numbers. An outline and a cut is very important.


Below is the photo I was trying to upload earlier.


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