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Round Cut Diamond - Round Or Square Table???


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Firstly, I should apologise for my lack of terminology / knowledge etc etc…


I purchased a lovely Platinum three claw set solitaire ring recently, after spending hour after hour trawling through this, among others, site. (Thanks for all the info – found out everything I needed to without posting once… :rolleyes: )


For some reason though, now I have got engaged I have become fascinated with diamonds and am still spending lots of time looking through information on the net. However I have noticed something about my diamond which I didn’t notice before.


The top facet (Table???) on my diamond is round, and when I look at diamonds on the net, they are all Square. I slightly hesitant to press the submit button in case I don’t like what I read in the reply. But please let me know, if you can, what the difference is??


Probably worth adding that diamond I refer to is a round cut, and the ones on the net I'm comparing it to are also round cut.


Thanks in advance.


A Novice and an Amateur.


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With most round diamonds the table is actually octagonal. Most people tend to see that as round because of the shape of the outline of the stone and because you're eyes are programmed to see curves better than angles, especially when it's very small. There are some little triangular facets on the top called the stars that will sometimes give a squarish overall look in certain lights. It also looks more square when you're looking at a photograph that's blown up to gargantuan size. Which of these is more obvious at any particular moment has a lot more to do with the lighting environment and the setting than it does with the diamond. The square seems to come out more in dirty diamonds as well because the sparkles of a clean stone distract you from finding the edges of the facet junction. Break out a soft toothbrush and some windex or dishwashing soap and see if that changes things.



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