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Ok so I wanted to buy my girlfriend a Tycoon Cut diamond to propose, but my local store that offers this cut doesn't discount it at all, and I didn't feel like paying $8,000 for a 3/4 ct. diamond.


After lurking here for a while and becoming more educated, I sent an email to about half a dozen online stores to see if they were able to get the Tycoon. All but one said no - that one was JamesAllen.com.


Jim Schultz, the CEO of the company, said that he was 99% sure he could get me a Tycoon. That was, of course, until he started dealing with Tycoon. After going back and forth and back again with Tycoon and myself over a span 45 emails with Jim, I decided to go a different direction. This is because Tycoon was frustratingly difficult to deal with - Jim was pleasant and helpful and quite patient.


So next up, I decided to go with a Princess cut. I went to a Jared store, and was ready to buy from there because I was still a little leery of spending so much online. I picked out a diamond, put a deposit on it and ordered the setting. I sent Jim what I had planned to be a final email, thanking him for his time. We started talking about my purchase, and Jim seemed quite understanding. He, of course, did want my business, and we discussed a few other options that he had available. I was going to buy Jared's "Peerless" Princess, which is an AGS000 diamond, and Jim was able to find me one with a better color (F vs. H) and 1/4 ct larger for about $100 more than what I was going to get at Jared.


Obviously, this was too good a deal to pass up. Jim brought in two similar diamonds to evaluate himself, sent me pictures, and the AGS reports, and I ordered the diamond the next day (Thursday). They worked on it through the weekend and the ring was delivered the following Tuesday. The stone is beautiful - I find myself just staring at it, and I know my girlfriend will love it when I give it to her on New Years Eve.


Anyway, the point to this ramble is that I give JamesAllen.com my highest recommendation - I cannot give more praise to them. They provide excellent service and amazing prices!

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