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Hi everyone,


So I took the plunge and bought a diamond from James Allen - great experience, I cannot recommend them enough. I purchased an AGS000 Princess.


This site alone was instrumental in arming me with knowledge on how to make an informed purchase, and I again want to thank the experts here for all of your help. Kudos to all!


Which leads to my question. Is there anywhere that I'm able to plug in the AGS number online and see details about the diamond?


Thanks again,



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It's not a good enough scan for me to read it but look at the numbers around the top right hand drawing. The top number is 100% and the number right below that is your table percentage. The rightmost number is your depth percentage. Your l/w ratio is 5.50/5.38.




Oh, well call me a dork for not recognizing those numbers. Yeeesh. Thanks again!

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Personally, I think ANYONE who uses the internet is a dork.....hehehehe


The Depth and table info is hard to find on those reports.

Actually, the new GIA reports also make it harder to find table and depth.

I mean, it's right there if you know where to look. Except most people don;t look at reports every day, and don;t know where to look for it!


Congrats on your new diamond!

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