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Great Experience Buying On Ebay


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Bought my ring, after much research & advice here on this forum.


Purchased a .72 Carat Marquise stone, I Color, VS2 Clarity, & a just perfect cut, little or no bowtie effect & great measurements ( the thing looks like a 1 Ct. ), in Solitaire setting for 2100 $ US. I am absolutely & completely satisfied... They engraved the ring for free & even shipped overnight for free.


Very happy with Seller Jewelry47 on Ebay. Would absolutely reccomend them.

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Remember, ebay doesn’t sell jewelry, they sell advertising. There are lots of merchants who advertise there and some are decidedly better than others. All kudos for this deal are owed to Jewelry47, not to ebay, for the same reason that the newspaper and TV deserve no credit for good service by a jeweler who advertises with them.


The tendency to view ebay as one big selling entity is a setup for trouble both for shoppers and for the reputable sellers who advertise there. It causes the good guys to get disparaged because of the participation of the crooks and it makes the crooks look better because of the association with the quality sellers. Give credit where credit is due.



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