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How I Did It.. The Element Of Suprise


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Well - My gal & I have been together for about 3 years now and everything in our like has been pointing toward us getting married, so it wasn't a matter of "If" I'd pop the question...it was a matter of "when" & "how". I wanted it to be a total suprise and really catch her off guard, so I let it "slip" to one of her girlfriends (who I KNOW can't keep a secret) that I was planning to propose at Valentine's... then here's what I did.


I travel for business quite a bit and I have been on assignment Mondays to Fridays for the last month or so on the East Coast. Usually I get home friday night. One of the great perks of my job is that they pay for all expenses, including a towncar to & from the airport. For a little extra, the towncar driver will swing by and pick my gal up on the way to the airport and we can go straight to dinner from the airport. We've done it a few times before so I hoped nothing would seem fishy . This time I suggested she wear something nice and we'd go straight from the airport to dinner.


Little did she know, I got home Thursday night, picked up the ring, and stayed at a friend's house. Friday, I made my plans with the towncar service and had them send a limo (under the excuse that all the towncars were being used... it's happened before, so I was hoping it wouldn't raise any suspicon) and met up with the driver to go over the plan.


Friday afternoon the limo picked her up and headed toward the airport... about twent minutes later, the limo driver called me to tell me they were nearing the airport. I then called her on her cell phone and told her, "I'm really sorry, but they diverted my plave to Buffalo! There was something wrong with the plane or something.. they're not sure when we'll get back in the air. Just have the towncar take you home and I'll get a taxi whenever I get in." I could hear the disappointment in her voice. She told me that we'd been given a limo this time and it was a shame we couldn't take it out for dinner.


So she told the driver the story and told him to turn around (of course he already knew this was coming). He turned the car around and headed toward home. A few miles from our house, he took a side turn in to a beautiful park. It was just past sunset and the sky was still nice and red. The limo driver pulled over in the park near a little clearing where we sometimes go for walks. She said she was a little nervous as to why he was stopping in the middle of the park.. but he got out, opened the door and pointed to a string of christmas lights on the ground and said, "I have a feeling you might want to see where those lights go." At that point she knew something was up.. but she follwoed the lights. I had run about 200 ft of lights on the ground, around a bend in the shrubbery.. and when she turned the corner, she could see that I'd set up a 10 ft garden arbor, completely lit with white christmas lights. It looked REALLY cool... almost surreal. Like a glowing tunnel of light. And she followed the trail of lights right up to me.. standing under the arbor. When she got to me, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. I also had two of our best friends hiding in the bushes to share it with us (they were also there to take down all the lights when we left! lol). She started crying and jumped in to my arms and said yes. We got back in the limo and went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant.


A few things I learned that other guys might use. 1) she LOVED that I did it right near the house - so that every time she goes back there she can rememebr it. 2) she LOVED the over-the-top lighting.. it did make it almost surreal and dreamlike.. which is kind of how every girl wants her proposal to be 3) she loved that her best friend was there to share it. she says her friend has been talking about it all weekend to their other girlfriends - which is really nice because all her girlfriends can hear about it without it seeming like my fiance (woo hoo) is bragging. 4) If you get a limo when you propose, be sure to get one with a sound proof divider... you'll need it!!! LOL.


So that's how it happened. I'm really happy with the way it went.. and she LOVES the ring!

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What an awesome story!!!


Now tell us more about that sound-proof divider... hey what am I doing? I'm supposed to be the moderator here! ;)


Anyway, my heartfelt congratulations and enjoy the holidays!



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Thanks all! I'm glad you liked the story.


Believe it or not - the proposal itself was pretty cheap. Like I said, my company pays for the car... I only have to pay for the upgrade from towncar to limo and then the extra hours on the limo plus tip. We stayed out until after dinner so the limo cost me $150 extra. If I'd been doing this without my company car, a limo for the night would have cost about $350 (as long as its not prom season, mother's day, or New Years Eve - the limo companies jack their rate up then)


The arbor / archway I rented from a local wedding rental place was $100 for the weekend. Again, I think these would be a lttle tougher & more expensive during the spring wedding season, but here in December, it was pretty easy. And the lights I bought online. I spent about $60 for 300 ft of white mini lights. Oh, and I needed to get 100 Ft extension cord to run back to a shed that had a power outlet.


So overall, the most expensive part of the proposal was dinner. Without dinner, the proposal cost me less than $350. Not bad at all!


But if anyone is thinking of borrowing any ideas from my proposal - please do. Just be sure to have helpers. It would have been SO anticlimactic if I'd had to break down the lights and arbor after I popped the question....


But the lit-up arbor.. with the sky getting dark... was SO cool. Oh, one other thing - since you have friends there - have them bring a camera! That's the one thing I forgot!!! I wish we'd taken a couple of pictures.


Happy holidays and bestt wishes all!

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