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Can You Upgrade From Cz To Diamond With Same Setting?


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When my husband and I got married, we were both starting out and so he bought a CZ. Now that we are more financially secure, we are hoping to change the CZ to a diamond, but really want to keep the same setting since it has great sentimental value. I am just wondering if it is possible to change the center stone without damaging the rest of the setting? Any advice?



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Usually it isn't a problem. It depends a bit on the design and details of your setting and whether the new stone is a similar size and shape but in almost all cases this is a fairly straightforward job. Find a shop with a repair bench on site and talk to the jeweler about what your options are. It's probably pretty open ended.



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As Nail says, in many cases this is something most jewelers can do.. It does depend on two things though.. The type of setting, and the amount of wear on the ring.. Most issues can be overcome though, it's simply a matter of time and skill..


If you have a picture of the ring I'm sure one of us here can help guide you..


Steve -

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