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Recommendation: Www.yourdiamondguy.com


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Hi all,

I had a thread over on "The Rock" and I got some good insight from some of the experts there (thanks all!) - but I guess this is the right place for vendor recomendations.


I just bought a 1.4 Carat, F, VS2, Princess Cut diamond from a local brick & mortar store. Just before I bought I found a web site, www.yourdiamondguy.com, that said it could save me hundreds (or thousands, it claimed) of dollars by handling the negotiation with my jeweler for me. I felt like I had already negotiated the lowest price possible on my diamond and I was a little nervous, but I put my info in to the web site. I got a call from the owner/only employee, John and based on our discussion he called my jeweler and got the price another $450 lower. He charges 1/3rd of any money he saves you, so I netted $300. I'm really happy about it. I saved money and it feels realy good to know that someone "in the industry" couldn't do much better than I did negotiating.


So I would definitey recommend checking out yourdiamondguy.com before you buy a diamond.


P.S. - Are blatant recommendations like this OK on this forum? In the interest of full disclosure, I chatted on the phone with John for a while and he seems like a pretty cool guy so I'd like to see him succeed. He was open to my ideas and is actually going to change his web site a bit (make it less adversarial towards jewelers) based on the recommendations I gave him from The Rock thread. I promised him I'd tell whoever I can about him. And the fact is, he saved me $300 for about 5 minutes of my time so I can wholeheartedly say I'd recommend anyone else buying a diamond should contact him before they buy. And while I'm not sure anyone's going to save thousands of dollars I think he might be able to save people a couple hundred bucks here & there.


Good luck all!

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