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A or B?


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Hi all,


So I went to Jared yesterday, and received a quote for the following two diamonds:


(I.G.I) Princess, 1.01ct, H, SI1, pol/sym Good/Good, 5.92x5.59x3.50 - $3400

(A.G.S) "Peerless" Princess, 0.74ct, H, VS1, pol/sym Ideal/Ideal, 4.99x4.97x3.6 - $4100


The obvious size difference aside, both rings look pretty nice to me. I don't think I'm the kind of guy who's able to discern the quality differences very well. One thing that surprised me (in a good way), is that when I asked the saleslady her opinion, she said that she would prefer the larger stone even though it's less expensive - makes me wonder if they don't work on commision! :)


I know the general feeling here is that if its not GIA or AGS, it's not reliable...but Jared is a fairly large company (at least around here) - would they sell diamonds that are not reliably certified? If I buy from them, should I immediately have the diamond appraised just to be safe?


I look forward to any thoughts/opinions/suggestions you may have.



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) - would they sell diamonds that are not reliably certified?




Hi Bob,


Diamond labs don't certify diamonds, they give their opinions with regard to some of the important attributes. Yes, Jared would sell diamonds accompanied by an opinion that others might not consider to be reliable.


Yes, I think you should get new items appraised if you are not confident in what the salespeople have told you and if you are investing a significant amount of money. This includes not only confirmation of the information included on the grading report but also cutting on the stones and craftsmanship on the mounting.



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