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question about sapphire... among other things.


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i'm 23 and just recently got my ear re-pierced (for the third time, hopefully this time it will stick). anyway, i've been looking for a nice earring online and diamonds seem to be a bit out of my price range, though i wanted to stick with a natural gem, so i've been looking at white ceylon sapphires.


first of all, i believe i found a suitable gem for my ear, http://www.riogems.com/sa61r-2.html. yet, it's a loose gem, so i need to get it mounted somewhere.


my first question is if any of you have heard of this site or have done business with them. my second and third question are where can i get this gem mounted and how much do you think it will cost? thanks again.




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Setting a stone into an earring isn’t usually all that difficult but it does involve choosing the right parts and it’s kind of an unusual skill. Most jewelers can do it but it looks like the dealer you’ve chosen also sells jewelry. Ask them if they can make it into an earring for you.


No, I’ve never heard of them.



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