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I have been looking at engagement rings for a few weeks now, and while I have found many suitable diamonds for the desired ring, I have been very disappointed with just about every setting I have seen.


I am sure I have been looking in the wrong places, but so far the only acceptable settings (ring part) are from Tiffany. This presents a problem because I am not eager to pay a premium for the name brand, and they do not sell only the setting. I guess I could buy the setting with a small carat stone and reset another, but that just seems wrong.


As far as surface and quality of craftsmanship, I have found fine settings at a number of jewelers, but as far as scale and design, I haven't found anything I am happy with. Most tend to be chunky.


I would like the standard solitaire setting, four or six prongs, but the details have to be right. The things that I like about the Tiffany solitaire setting are its fluid transitions from one prong to another, feminine/slender look to prongs even though they are not really thin, the prongs/head of setting rises gracefully from half of the thickness of the band (not jutting out from the top, or breaking the continuity of the band by engulfing it entirely)


Can someone suggest a place to buy well made/designed settings?


Thank you for your consideration,




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