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I've been dealing with Long's Jewelers here in New England. And below is from their website.


"The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) are the two most reputable diamond-grading labs in the world. Long's Jewelers hand selects diamonds that are only GIA or AGS certified."


The saleperson brought in a couple loose diamonds for me to look at tonight. I asked them if they were AGS or GIA certified. He said that to stay within my budget he thought it was best to show me one's that were not graded yet - (to save money??)


Also he said he can show me graded ones to compare against to show me that it's legit.


Since there site states they only select certified diamonds and he wants to show me uncertified diamonds I'm a little sketched out now.


What do you guys think? Toss Long's off the list of potential jewelers to buy from?


FYI, I am looking at 3/4 carat, H color, SI, don't know cut quality, but they say their standards are high and that is what I was going to compare tonight in the budget of 2400-2600 for the loose diamond.





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When you buy a certified stone, you get exactly what you pay for.


When you get an uncertified stone, your only more likely to get less than you pay for, as the jeweler knows exactly what he's selling you, & you do not.



Keep in mind The CUT of the diamond is arguably the most important of the c's.

If its not well cut, your going to lose size ( viewed from the top down ) & brilliance.

There's a reason why some stones with the same carat weight, color & clarity are priced very differently around your budget. because one is cut well, does not hide the carat weight ( looks bigger ) & reflects light better.


Look at the Table for cut proportions on this site, Become very familiar with Table %, Depth%, & MM measurements of the stones your looking at.

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If you like what you see, you can ask them to submit it to the GIA for you. You will bear that cost which is about and around $250 if you were here in the U.S. I have no idea what the extra duties would add up to from England. But I think it would be at least $100 over that in addition to extra time.


It is not unusual for a diamond under 1 carat to not have a report. And I do think that it's either AGS or GIA or nothing. In other words, if you trust the dealer, I'd rather go with one that was showing you an under-one-carat diamond that did not have a report rather than present you numbers that are not from a well-respected lab. I mean he could present you with a "certificate" from "blah blah bogus gem lab" but he did not.


And AGS and GIA do not certify diamonds, they issue reports. They're sticklers about that phrase.


I can't be positive about this dealer but it sounds as if he's telling you like it is. I can say that $250+ represents a hefty percentage of your budget.


There is value in establishing a relationship with a local dealer. You simply need to decide if you trust this guy. I think the fact he brought out graded stones for you to compare, does say he was making an effort to educate you and not take advantage. The fact that he took the time with you even though you did not come in with a $10 thousand dollar budget is good as well.


Make sure there is a refund policy and a trade up policy. Are they an established business? Have you spoken with others who were pleased? Did you like what you saw with the comparison? Ask him how they "hand select"? I would not write these folks off so quickly. I'm not seeing red flags yet.

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