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Buying a ring for my soon to be fiance and I've been pricing diamonds but I am no expert. I want quality over size. I'm trying to find a very nice diamond ranging from .8 to 1.00 to be placed in a platinum 3/5 diamond eternity ring. I would like to spend less than $5k on the diamond. The price of the ring is of little concern. So far this seems to be one of the nicer diamonds I have found at what seems to be a decent price. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this diamond is something I should pursue or if I am way off. Also, buying diamonds over the internet is tricky. Do you recommend that I go to a jewelry mart or to a diamond district instead? I live in Southern California so my option are great. Thanks for reading and here's the AGS Cert


Purchase Price: $4,143.74


Cut: Exclusive Ideal


Size: 0.80


Color: E


Clarity: VS1


Certificate: AGS


Depth: 61.7


Tablemeasure: 56


Polish: Ideal


Symmetry: Ideal


Girdle: TN


Culet: P


Flouresence: N


Measurements: 5.99x5.95x3.69

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