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Forum upgrades & Happy Holidays!


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Hi everyone, just a quick announcement that we will be upgrading the forum later this week and this weekend.


The upgrade is basically to go to the latest version of the forum software. We're currently running a version that, while it works fairly well, is now over 2+ years old and is starting to look & feel dated.


Plus, I'm sure you've noticed all the spam lately. The new software includes fairly tight controls on spam, and is therefore one of the primary reasons for the upgrade. I just can't keep up.


Along with the upgrade, I have also purchased a new extremely fast dedicated server that is being installed and configured tomorrow and Thursday, in preparation for the upgrade over the weekend.


There is nothing you need to do in advance to prepare for the upgrade. All accounts, postings, messages, etc., will stay exactly as they are. The only catch is that the site may be unavailable starting late Saturday and into early Sunday morning. I don't expect this timing will impact many of you, but if it does, my apologies in advance.


Finally, as we're now in the second week of December, I want to take a moment and wish everyone happy holidays and a safe & festive rest of the year. Thanks to our regulars in our little community, it's been a great year, and I have a lot of ideas to make it a whole lot better for all of us next year.




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Hi all,


Just an update on the upgrades.


The upgrade to the new server is now complete. We were previously in a fairly fast machine; however, diamond.info now runs on a very fast, dedicated server housed in a state-of-the-art data center. Nothing is more annoying than a slow website; that will never be the case here!


We also upgraded the software, but the "skin" needs to be reconfigured. This should happen within the next few days, so that the logo appears where it's supposed to.


In addition to upgraded software, we added a fully integrated Photo Gallery so you can more easily share photos of all the beautiful jewelry of the world. Click on "Gallery" on the top right to get to it.


More updates soon...


Take care all,


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Thanks, and I just hired a designer to make it look like the rest of the website. Should be ready in a few days.


In the meantime, I thank everyone in advance for bearing with the site in its current state!


Also, just a reminder that as with all new software, if you see anything that doesn't work right that used to work before, don't be shy about sending me a brief note.



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Hi, thanks for the report. I believed uploading of images is now fixed.


Yep, I tried it earlier. I tried the gallery and I don't have permission for that. I guess that's a feature for later?


Hmm... Don't know. It should work now. I'll definitely add this to the list and revisit later this week when the full upgrade is completed.

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Hi everyone, just a quick update to let you know that the forum upgrade is now complete. This includes the new "look & feel" which should now be self-evident, and a new "Gallery" function that allows the creation of photo albums, posting of photos, etc.


If you have feedback (good or bad), please send it along!


Also, as a reminder -- I have tested the new software fairly extensively. However, as with all new software, if you find anything that doesn't seem quite right, by all means please let me know. Just send me a private message.


Happy holidays!


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