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help buying solitaire diamond earrings


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Where is the best place to buy, I live in Indianapolis. I'm thinking 1/2" carat total weight studs with white gold, Christmas present for girlfriend. I went to Shane Company and they wanted $395 but Macy's has them online for $224. What's better? Go with the grading I assume? I want quality and sparkle "fire" over size.

What would you pay? I'm thinking $400 absolute max.


Any gotchas I should look for?


What about Kay's and "Mall jewelers". I read the horror stories about Shane Company and went there today, not impressed that guy thought I was honestly going to sit down $400 like it was nothing.





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There are a lot of places. I'd choose someone with a trade up policy and a refund policy. Typically the chain mall stores will have promotional quality diamonds. Not the finest.


There is a Jeweler lookup under find local jeweler on this website and you can check that out for local stores.


Online: We sell them, Barry from Supercert does and there are links to other vendors on this forum as well. There's also a section that lists diamond buying experiences and you might want to look at those since they are posted by consumers who have purchased diamonds from particular dealers.


Any diamond dealer can get you these earrings even if you don't see them on their website.


You want a pair that is WELL CUT. That is the most crucial aspect of getting a pretty pair of earrings. You can even go lower in clarity and color if the pair is well cut.

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If you are in Indy go up to Reis-Nichols on 86th street.. These guys are top shelf and I've worked with them before, and competed against them in IJA competitions.. They may not be the cheapest guys in town, in fact I promise that they aren't the cheapest.. But you will be hard pressed to find better people..


Let them know that the guys at Images Jewelers in Elkhart sent you in.. It won't help you get a better price, but it's still fun ;)

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