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what is your opinion of purchasing a diamond at di

Guest mrlucky

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Guest mrlucky

iam thinking about puchasing a diamond solitaire ring online as opposed to buying in a retail store.it seems that online buying is a better value for my dollar.is that true or is their things about online purchasing i should know.i have looked at diamond.com and they seem to beat most other sites on price for quality when it comes to diamonds.what are your opinions on the best sites to buy a diamond online.thank you

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Brick and mortar stores offer the advantage of being able to see something in person and building a relationship.


Buying online does offer price advantages if you choose the right dealer. It's also important to find a dealer with whom you'd like to build a relationship.


Don't shop purely on price. Many online dealers have access to the same database of diamonds. They are drop shippers and don't see the stone in question until you order it. This might be okay with you but there are important steps in the process including a well built setting.


I prefer seeing a photo.


A trade up policy is important as is a refund policy.


As far as the dealer you mentioned they don't post here so I don't know them. But I think they are a legit operation. I think if you go to the front of the forum there is an area where people have listed their experience with one dealer or another and you could get consumer feedback.

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Personnaly, there is NO way I'm buying a diamond from a faceless online presence. I'm not buying any jewelry online, period. Too much scamming, counterfeiting, out-and-out fraud. You have little recourse that will take time and expense when you get burned. Notice I said when, not if.


I am only recently in the diamond jewelry business. Most of my experience actually comes from watches, timepieces and for a fact I can tell you that in one brand that I am familiar with (which I shall not divulge) fully 70% of what I have seen in on-line photos are fakes. And that's just from what I can see in the photo's. I can only imagine what your chances are on-line diamond purchasing.


Do yourself a big favour. Go to a reputable. brick and mortar diamond jeweler. Take your pick, there are many. Every mall has several. ;)

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