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Tips for GIA Diamond Examination


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Dear sir/madam,


I will be taking the GIA Diamond examination soon. If you have taken the GIA examination, please advise me of your study tips. I would like to know the study technique of this examination. In general, there are 3 examinations in this course and we have to complete them in 3 days.


Day 1 - Evaluate 2 Diamonds within 2 hours

Day 2 - Diamond Essentials (study 7 charters in total, finish 50 MC questions within 1 hour)

Day 3 - Diamond and Diamond grading (study 20 charters in total, finish 100 MC question within 2 hours)


For the MC parts, the scope of the examination is a wide range. I have to study and remember a large amount of material in all the textbooks.


Please advise the following:


- Are there any past papers of the GIA diamond examinations?

- Any suggestions regarding the study technique of this examination?

- Anything that I must remember during the examination?

- Are the MC questions tricky or straight forward? Is there anything that I need to pay attention to?


Thank you so much

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It's been several decades since I took that test so I'm not sure I'm really the right choice to discuss the details. There are two forums that I know of that offer support and good council for GIA students. Let us know how it goes.






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