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How much does this cost?


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Most dealers are pretty forthcoming about what they are charging for things. Ask. Also ask who graded the stones VS1-G.


Shop the piece against similar offers from other jewelers. Most can get you something similar to what you are describing. Make sure your looking at genuinely comparable items. Differences in craftsmanship, stone grading and dealer added services can be considerable.



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Okay, it sounds like you want to know some kind of ballpark number so you can see if it's in your price range and what compromises you might want to make if it won't suit your budget. For the purposes of getting a ballpark--


5 Carats of Round Brilliant Diamonds

60 stones

G-H, VS2-SI1


Obviously, 2 extra carats is going to cost more but this is the example I had.




You had listed strangely enough, 7.64ct, a pretty specific number.


Here's what you should look for in a diamond bracelet.


Are the diamonds well cut? In other words, do they sparkle?. Using "bluffy" diamonds, ones that have inclusions, are fine. You simply want to know what you are not paying more for what you're getting. It is entirely possible to buy a beautiful bracelet with well-cut I1 diamonds. It is impossible to buy a beautiful bracelet if the diamonds are not well cut.


Is it well manufactured? In other words, are you buying from a place that offers quality made merchandise? A cheaply made diamond bracelet will lose diamonds. A well made one is flexible and looks well constructed. You'll be able to tell by looking at it. But in terms of will it hold up structurally, make sure there is a refund policy. A good jeweler will stand behind their merchandise.

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