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find a good natural diamond for my budget


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Hi All!


Gayane, to maximize the size of diamond, a solitaire is best.

A simple setting in 14karat should be about $200.

If you were to appreciate a diamond of K-L color you can get something eye clean, and probably close to 1.00carats.

Some people notice a tint- and others are not bothered by it.

I prefer a little tint over a diamond which has visible imperfection.


If you wanted high color and clarity, you will probably be looking in the .60carat range.

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Even if you have no intention of buying online, there’s a cool utility at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ where you can look up advertisements for stones using some general specs. It’s a fast and easy way to see how the offers change as you tweak the shape, size, color, etc.


You should probably zero in on a shape fairly early on in your shopping process. Princess cuts are rather different from emerald cuts and this difference will affect your shopping in a fairly big way, especially if you want a ring that has a little more design to it. Visit some jewelry stores and see what the different shapes look like and what sorts of designs they can do with each. Browsing on websites works ok for this but there’s a lot to be said for seeing the things in person to get a feel for what you like.



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