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question about marquise cut diamond


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Is it true that in all marquise cut diamonds there is a black bow-tie look in the center, due to the lack of light reflection? I was looking at a diamond yesterday and the jeweler said this is normal, but I don't recall seeing this is other people's diamonds. Please advise.


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Not true.


It is possible to cut a Marquise with a minimal to moderate bowtie, which is actually beneficial in that it adds contrast brilliance to the stone.

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Any non-round faceted gemstone will have something of a bowtie. Marquise's are among the most prominent. It’s not so much lack of reflection as it’s a mater of different angles on the pavilion at different places in the stone. That said, I also agree with all of the above, the bowtie is not necessarily a bad thing and good cutting can turn it from a problem into a feature. How can you tell? Look at the stone in a variety of different lighting conditions. Tilt it back and forth and see how it sparkles as the stone moves in the light. If you don't like the one you're looking at, ask the jeweler to show you a different one. They aren't all the same and the answer isn't on the grading report.




by the way, diamondsonfifth, since you've become a regular, what's your name?

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