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Returning within 30 days and claiming she said no

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I am not a retailer, but I once returned a ring within the 30 days because the setting didn't make the diamond look the way she wanted it to look. I returned it to the retailer and I tried to buy another ring from them. But the salesperson, kept making up stories and I finally confronted them, and found out the owner didn't want to sell me another ring. I found another online retailer. I bought a better diamond for a lower price with much better customer service.

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I think a fair number of them are lying. Most people are wired to be non-confrontational. They are expecting you to put up a fight before they get their money and they feel that they have to give you some sort of an explaination. This one is tough to rebut. It’s much more likely to create an argument if they say that they found a better deal elsewhere or that they changed their mind and decided they want something completely different, or that they jsut want to buy it from someone completely different. If you’ve got a reasonable return policy it doesn’t really make any difference but they still don’t want to get into an argument about it so they use the excuse that they think will produce the least resistance.



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Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that you have to honor your return policy.


It can be annoying but I tend to believe that a customer is a customer and not just a single sale. Even if they do find a better deal elsewhere, how you handle the return will quite often gain business for you in the long run.

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