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1ct. Bailey Banks and Biddle Solitaire!!!


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Just broke off the engagement and I am looking to just get rid of the ring.


I have the full set of paperwork provided from Bailey Banks and Biddle. This includes the GIA Diamond Grading Report. The Diamond is also laser engraved so that you can see that the diamond you will receive is exactly as advertised! It is set on a platinum contour setting which will come with the diamond at no extra cost.


GIA Grading Report:


Report # 12854638

Shape: Round Brilliant

Measurements: 6.35-6.39 x 4.03 mm

Weight: 1.01 carat

Depth: 63.3%

Table: 59%

Girdle: Thin to Thick, Faceted

Culet: None

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Clarity: VS2 (1 Small feather)

Color: H

Fluorescence: None

Comments: None


Like I said, looking to just get it out of my house. I can scan the GIA report if needed, but it will match the info up top exactly. I paid just over $9,000 for the diamond, so make me an offer (I expect to take a loss on that price). Email me at jonboy689@hotmail.com


The pic below is not the actual ring, but from the BB&B website of the one you would see if you went to the store. However, it looks identical.


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