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Clueless Guy needs to ask the Ladies...


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Hi there,


I'm your average clueless guy getting ready to pop the question and I have to buy THE RING. Ladie, I need your advice -- what shape diamond is considered the nicest/prettiest/most popular? What shape would YOU want to get?


The thing is though, I want something not everybody else has. Seems like everybody has a round diamond.


What other shapes are my options? And by the way, what the heck is a cushette shaped diamond?




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The most popular shape is round.. But I find them boring.. But then I also find diamonds boring :)


I love rectangular shapes.. And I love color.. A nice yellow diamond, or a white sapphire, we've even done a few blue sapphire engagement rings recently..


But, in the end, buying what "she" wants will make you life far happier :)

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Ray, I think the prettiest shape depends on the beholder. Have you been to a jewelry store yet to look at rings? Diamond really, really, really need to be seen IN PERSON to be fully appreciated.


You could take your fiance to pick out her own ring shape or if you want to pick out a shape a surprise her, go to a nice jewelry store to check out the shapes available. I would recomend avoiding mall chains becuz they mark up too much.


A cushette shaped diamond is a cushion shaped diamond (sort of rectangular but sort of rounded at the corners, a nice compromise between the two shapes) but a cushette has a special cut. The cushette diamond has a web site you can read, but like I said better to look IN PERSON so I recomend you ask to see it AT THE STORE.


Good luck!



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Hi Ray!


I think you've gotten some excellent advice - you've got to get out to the stores to see what appeals to you. I would say, take her with you. Yes, perhaps you want to surprise her and that's a wonderful idea but wouldn't you rather have some idea of what she finds attractive in a diamond? If it were me, I would go shopping one weekend and just browse the jewellers without making a big deal of it. Yeah, she is probably going to guess (or hope!) what you are playing at but if you play it coy she won't ask too many questions I'm sure. She'll probably be very happy to give you her opinions though!


Have you thought about colored diamonds? They are certainly something you won't see on everyone's finger. Yellow, pink, orange, blue, brown, grey and even green can be found - although you need a brave wallet for some of the fancy colors! I own a 3.65ct W-X radiant with bullets that I just LOVE! No-one else I've met has ever seen anything like it - and I kinda like being unique too!


Good luck with your diamond hunting!


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