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If a diamond is graded "excellent" polish, "excellent" symmetry but "Very Good" cut grade, (56% table, 60.5% depth on a 1.25 ct. brilliant cut round diamond) GIA graded, for what reasons would it not also be graded "excellent cut"? I've learned on this forum that the most important criteria for an excellent diamond is "cut, cut, cut"....should I still consider this diamond? (My main criteria is a precision, excellent cut....If I can't afford a "hearts & arrows" cut, would you suggest staying with a GIA "excellent grade" cut diamond? (Of course, after looking at the diamond either in person or through pictures). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve seen plenty of GIA-Very Good cuts that I think are just smashing and I’ve seen some excellents that I didn’t merited it. I’m not all that impressed with their grading scale but it’s better than nothing I suppose. If it’s not in the polish or symmetry, and there’s no comment on the report explaining it then it’s in the proportions. Enter the details of your stone into www.facetware.gia.edu and play with it for a bit to figure out what they didn’t like.



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