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Matching wedding band


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I bought a beautiful engagement ring online. They have a matching wedding ring available. The online company was excellent and I have no complaints, but I found a nice local B&M store and I wanted to give my local jeweler an opportunity to see if they could order it, but I am unable to find the manufacturer of the engagement ring. There are no noticeable markings inside the ring. If I want the exact matching wedding band, and the internet company will not tell me the manufacturer of it, am I pretty much locked into buying it from them.

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Sounds like you have answered your own problem - you will need to go through the online dealer. Why is that so bad though? You said they have been very good to you. I can understand wanting to have a good relationship with a local jeweller but I'm sure you will have other jewelry purchases to throw his way in the future. For now, don't fret! Buy the matching band from the online vendor that you trust and work on buidling your relationship with the local store soon. Good luck!

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