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value of 5.22 round W to X


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I'll ask our owner. He has the price list. It depends on availablity of course.


This might give you a bench mark in the meantime.

4.18ct Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond

W-X Yellow, $23,995.00


There are NOT many yellow rounds. Cutters do not cut colored rough into rounds because that shape tends to make diamonds look whiter. Great for a low color white, bad news for a cutter wanting the saturation of color, which fetches a higher price. A lot of round yellows are very ugly, too. So this makes finding one even harder. You see them but not often at all.


Cutters therefore cut diamonds into fancy shapes. If you want a rounded shape, you'll have more selection in cushion cut or oval cut.


Example of a W-X Yellow Radiant Cut




Example of a Cushion Cut below (this one is fancy light yellow but wanted you to see the shape)



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